Exhibition Stand Budgets: Your Essential Checklist

It is interesting to note that up to 40 percent of marketing budgets go directly into exhibition stand advertising at trade shows. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration when creating a budget for your exhibition design and build plans. Follow these 8 budget suggestions below to save money and maximise your results.

Interactive Exhibition Space

Interactive Exhibition Spaces have Become Incredibly Powerful in Recent Years. Image credit: Arrows Carpet Cleaning

Exhibition space

Most exhibition stands will be allotted 100 square feet of space to use for their booth. You will want to have these costs covered by your budget and know ahead of time whether you will need more or less space. You can either save money or spend more by knowing what type of space you will need.

Design of your booth

Exhibition design and build options will have a variety of design elements to choose from. Popular choices include modular exhibitions stand designs which are more cost-effective and can be used at other shows. If you have a larger budget it may be a good idea to pay more money for a completely custom built booth.

Know your expenses

You will need to have all of your booths logistics completely covered. This includes things like installation costs, dismantling crews, electricity, travel costs, wifi access fees and other elements that will need to be covered for your display.

Transportation fees

Not only do you have to pay for your exhibition booth to be created, you will also need associated travel and transportation costs covered. You will need to pay for your booth to be transported. Modular exhibition booths typically are more cost effective to ship as compared to more elaborate and customised stands.

Staff costs

You will need to cover the expenses that relate to the staff that will be at your show. Paying for things like accommodation, travel expenses, food and other costs should be considered. You will need to know how much your staff’s expenses will amount to ahead of time.

Marketing before the show

It has been estimated that nearly 70% of trade show attendees already know which booths they want to visit and interact with. You will want to put money towards generating trade show traffic and a buzz about your brand being at the trade show. Reach out to customers through social media, email marketing, website marketing and other venues to get people to visit your booth.

Offer freebies and marketing literature

You will want to maximise your marketing impact while at the show and this includes offering free gifts and marketing materials. You want to create an impact on an attendee and reinforcing your brand with giveaways is a great method. Business cards, leaflets, catalogs and free gifts are ideal.

Be ready for extra costs

Having a clear budget for your exhibition booth marketing is essential but you should also have some extra funds available for additional things. This can include waste removal, cleaning after the show, emergency staff member issues and other needs. Having a special contingency fund is important and 5% of your budget should be ideal.

Stick to a budget

Using these 8 strategies listed above will give you a more accurate definition of the expenses associated to trade show marketing campaigns.