Understanding New Tree Radar Survey Technology

A non-invasive approach to understanding a trees condition

Nowadays, most of the trees falling over and causing the damage are due to factors such as decay, severance during construction as well as constricted growing conditions. The only root inspection procedure that covers those nowadays is invasive and called excavation. It takes place by digging or use of a hyper-sonic velocity air gun that blows away the upper soil.

However, preventing such accidents from happening is the real science and the standard every area should adhere to nowadays. Tree radar surveys are just one of the many newly introduced technologies responsible for preventing such damages from occurring.

Introducing Tree Radar Surveys

Tree radar surveys are nowadays a complete service for assessing trees, including the advice on their care and maintenance. There are many tree specialists offering such services and covering locations of all kinds, including highways, parkland, private gardens, riverbanks, woodlands etc.

Basically, tree radar surveys represent a procedure of stock assessment that includes ancient trees as well. The procedure starts with a strategy that is prepared along with the management plans – all providing a unique and strategic approach to tree care and replacement in the particular area.

Both residential and commercial property developers require a tree survey prior to a detailed planning submission in order to identify the appropriate trees for retention and the means of protecting those trees. All of these strategies work in accordance with BS5837 2005: Trees in relation to construction.

From GPS/GIS surveys to feature mapping, habitat and vegetation surveys and ground-penetrating radars, tree surveys are created to ensure every property of utmost safety and compliance with all the standards.

The Advantages Of Structural Roots Inspection

The advanced inspection of trees through surveys is also known as structural roots inspection. It is among the best methods, is non-invasive and portable via battery supply. Aside from that, this subsurface operation requires a minimal setup and works with rapid scanning – with complete ground coverage in 30 to 60 minutes.

The penetration of the technology is down to 39 inches (1m) below the ground and the scanner scans either uncovered or covered soils. Also, this technology works with high resolution images of subsurface structural roots and can scan either parallel straight lines on any side of tree or concentric circular lines or semi-circular lines. Also referred to as the TRU™ System for Subsurface Structural Roots Inspection, this technology is easy to use, accurate and amazingly fast.


In the end, tree surveys utilise a completely non-invasive technology for analysing and testing the tree root and detecting/mapping eventual issues. This investigation scans the entire tree circumference and works equally good in commercial and residential properties.

Why Its Time You Had an Office Refurbishment

Improve Workforce Morale & Efficiency

Have you ever wondered why your staff seem to be disgruntled and always in a bad mood? Could it be that the office surroundings are affecting their performance and attitude at the place of work? You may have had numerous resignations over a relatively short period of time, and chances are that one of the main reasons for this was purely because those employees were not happy at the place of work.

Imagine yourself working in that office, the same office that you are offering your workers. Is it pleasant? Is the furniture old and creaky? Is the carpeting full of stains? Do the walls need a fresh coat of paint? Is the equipment obsolete? All these could be good and very valid reasons why your staff are unhappy and greatly demotivated.

Throughout common experiences in offering office refurbishment services, specialist interior design firms have seen such types of offices and will have managed to change them into a whole new setting. Workers and business owners would have been impressed with the results. The clients commented how much happier and more productive their staff started to be once they were able to work in an improved office setting. This in turn resulted in various cost savings for the business owners as labour turnover went down, and so did waste and training costs.

Make It a Pleasure to Work There

When you come to think of it, the office is ultimately your workers’ second home. They spend several hours a day in there, and they deserve to have pleasant surroundings right? An interior designers aim is to create offices that are comfortable, functional and appealing at the same time.

Your office interior cannot be considered an unnecessary expense. Your workers deserve the best if you really want them to perform to the best of their abilities. Besides, a nice office gives a good and professional look to your business and presents well to clients. As a business owner you do not have time to see to the design and installation of your offices, and so you can leave this daunting project in the hands of a team of experienced interior designers such as a specialist office fit out company. It will be their pleasure to see to the design of your offices, regardless of their sizes.

Design that works for you

They can create a sustainable interior office design that is environmentally friendly, ergonomic and within your budget. In fact you will not have to spend a fortune to improve the look of your offices. They will work within the budget you allocate and you will still get the results you and your employees always hoped for.

So let them transform your boring old office into one that is modern, pleasant and functional for all. Office interior design services are tailor made to your needs and preferences, and your office will reflect the nature of your business in an impressive way.

Choosing the right SEO firm in Kent

If you need to reach local, then think local!

There’s a huge misunderstanding of the importance of Google local search to many businesses across the world. To most, the promised land of search prominence still resides in top rankings in the organic search results even though local results clearly dominates the upper echelons of the Google search results pages above the fold. So why do so many businesses, small and large overlook this incredibly powerful resource?

Its simply down to a lack of understanding of user trends. 2015 was the year that mobile search officially overtook desktop search and with that, there was also a major swing towards longer-tail voice prompted search queries. The biggest problem with many business owners is they get stuck in their ways, almost determined to live in the past and believe that the world doesn’t change. It’s a typically old fashioned dogmatic business angle that infects many CEOs.

The internet has moved the goal posts and with that, user habits and technology moved and changed quickly. Nothing truer can be said for search and user trends.

These days, phones and tablets utilise local data based on your physical location. If someone needs a plumber, a car mechanic or a convenience store, chances are you want one that’s as close to you as possible. In the age of convenience, Google understands this and with that, knows the best and most useful set of results a Google user could want are locally based and in close proximity. At the end of the day, if users do not have a good experience using Google, they’ll use another search engine so UX is the crux of the matter.

Mobile devices, especially phones have smaller screens that are the fraction of the size of a desktop PC or Mac. So getting usable, legible information onto a screen that size is a much harder challenge. Dumping 10 search results into a area no bigger than a few inches wide or deep is no good. So Google understood that the best way to deliver great search results is to pick the three most relevant ones, that are local to the user and return those as the top queries. So guess what? Google local search is seriously powerful and influential.

Research shows that the most clicked links now reside within Google’s local search results. So if you weren’t convinced of the power and influence of Google’s local pack before, surely you must be now. So by having this new knowledge in your marketing arsenal, what’s the best way to get found locally within your town or city? Simple.

Speak to a local search expert who understands your local area, business trade and competition. It’s pointless talking to a company that is based miles away from you and has no true understanding of your local market, your customers or your competition. Every city is different in the sense that the local population will have differing consumer trends, educational levels, income brackets and industrial outputs. A local search firm will know these key factors already and thus, can devise an informed and well-versed search strategy that will suit your needs and better still, be more affordable than using a larger SEO agency.

The world is truly going local again so if you need the help of an SEO firm Kent, your best bet is to stay local. You’ll be supporting local business and with it, be enhancing your reputation amongst the local community which will in turn, help you to gain new clients and attain an overall positive corporate image.

Why Your Kent-Based Brand Promotion Needs A Creative Digital Agency

Having a well conceived online presence has been one of the basics for every company nowadays, whether it’s a digital marketing agency, a bakery, or a taxi service. It is simply the way we connect and get to discover things. Many small businesses who do not have an online presence are falling away fast and are losing customers and ultimately, are going out of business.

If you are falling behind when it comes to having a stable online presence or a digital strategy for your business, the good news is that only a creative digital agency can be the shift that will transform your traditional business into a brand new online marketplace giving you many new visitors and potential customers.

Is it a fact that we’re truly in the digital age?

The answer is – completely! The Internet has verifiably redefined the way organisations work together, trade and interact. It is certain that the old ways of collaborating and advertising lines of products are gone for long, and it is more than evident that any business nowadays requires expert help by a digital marketing agency.

In fact, that is the most important method of getting a unique value proposition strategy in the digital world – and eventually outperforming every one of your competitors.

How Can A Digital Marketing Agency In Kent Help My Business?

First of all, a trustful and experienced creative digital agency is the one which applies its creativity with regards to transforming or improving your actual business processes in a new and attainable way.

The 3 Skills an Internet Marketing Specialist Will Implement To Your Online Business

A digital marketing agency will be the one to deliver a high-end service, in the form of:

The outcome has been, is, and will be simple – consider the help of an expert in digital marketing expert and let your new found knowledge take over the marketplace – in a new, innovative and modern form!

Office Cleaners: Important Factors When Choosing a Professional Contractor

If you happen to own a property, business or establishment, it is vital that you maintain it well. With financial emergency or extreme economic situations, it is vital that your property is all around looked after. A property is a deep rooted venture both monetarily and sincerely and you can’t bear to lose it under any circumstances. On the off chance that you are excessively occupied or avoid your property to care for it yourself, you generally have an alternative of procuring a London property maintenance organization to deal with your property.

Property administration helps in dealing with your property as well as goes about as a general gaining instrument. Your property administration ought to incorporate 3 stages like:

  • Promoting the property
  • Smooth day by day property maintenance
  • Keeping a tab on procedures

Your property can be leased/rented out to suitable buyers or in the event that you are prepared then it can even be sold out. To guarantee that your property is noticeable to the objective clients it is essential that there is a regular maintenance arrangement in place, even basic office cleaners to ensure the premises are kept clean. The promoting arrangement ought to have the capacity to pull in and guarantee a relentless supply of good quality inhabitants. It is likewise vital that the showcasing arrangement is viable in holding these inhabitants through great quality administration. In conclusion the property ought to stay very much kept up and appealing for future occupants who may be keen on the property.

The everyday stability of the amenities within your property is something that your London property maintenance company should deal with. They will gather the rents on time, procure maintenance administration suppliers. They ought to likewise guarantee that these maintenance administration suppliers are minimal effort and dependable, so as not to bring about any damage to the property.

Reporting about your property to you is of prime significance as you ought to be mindful at all times about the status of your property. You can request a report/investigation from the property administration organization, all the time, that mirrors the work done as such far and about the following level methodology for the property. The property administration organization ought to additionally give you a yearly arrangement or guidance on the best way to enhance your property.

Discovering a suitable property administration is a piece of your financial plan for property maintenance. It is suggested that you pick an organization that is suitable for your profile. These days it is anything but difficult to scan online for alternatives. In the event that you are a property owner, you may sort in an inquiry with local property administration to gets alternatives in abundance. You ought to utilize your watchfulness to choose the right organization from this extensive rundown.