Cheap Reading Glasses: How & Where To Buy Your First Pair

So you’ve hit that 45-65 age group. You’re eyesight isn’t what it once was. You’ve noticed recently that you hold books, magazines and all types of printed material further away from your face to aid focusing and legibility yet it’s not getting any easier.

At work, you find it hard to focus. Headaches, muscle pain and tension have become the norm. Your computer monitor doesn’t seem as sharp anymore and everything is just a little bit hazy. Don’t worry. This is normal. It’s all a part of ageing.

If you’re in this position, you need to seriously start thinking about investing in a pair of good quality reading glasses, at a power that suits your condition. And that condition is called presbyopia. Sounds scary doesn’t it? But it’s not life threatening. In fact, it’s simply about wear and tear. After several decades of constant, intense use, muscles, joints and ligaments start to deteriorate and their elasticity and suppleness starts to fade away. Well guess what? The same can be said for your eyes.

With age, the lenses on your eyes loose elasticity, flexibility and the ability to react to different tasks. So as a result, your focal range lessens and objects that you could see clearly in your youth suddenly are a great deal blurrier because the lenses in your eyes can’t perform as they could years before.

At first, this is hard to accept and many of us want to try to sweep it under the carpet but as the days and weeks pass and nothing improves, we know we have to make that inevitable decision to go see an eye doctor, get our eyes checked and find out what strength reading glasses we need. Yeah it sucks but hey, there’s a pretty quick and easy solution and that’s to go shopping at the mall or go online and find a pair that’s right for you.

So are you sat at home reading this and wondering if it’s time you stopped being in denial and get this situation sorted out? Today is that day so here’s some sound advise on the steps you should take if you really believe that your eyes need some love and attention to help them focus better:

1. Get an eye exam
First and foremost without question, go see an eye care professional. If you’re registered with an optician or optometrist, then pick up the phone and make an appointment. If you’ve never been to see one before, it’s about time. There’s a whole bunch of great eye health professionals all operating in practically every city and town and they can be found by checking the Yellow Pages, searching online or ask a friend if they can recommend someone. The fact is, you need to have your situation diagnosed correctly and professionally first. If it is presbyopia and you simply have an age related condition, they’ll tell you and they’ll advise what power strength lenses you’ll need and the best places to find them nearby.

2. Get to the mall
Okay, so many of us can’t stand the mall but this is a must. You can’t carry on fumbling your way through life, struggling to read books, focus on your computer or get behind the wheel of a car in your situation. You have to take decisive action now. It’s the responsible thing to do.

There’s some good stores out there that have some amazing ranges of reading glasses for both men and women. Even some ranges are unisex so you can let your partner borrow yours too! But in all seriousness, this should be a fun process. For some people who’ve never worn glasses before, seeing yourself in the mirror with a set of frames for the first time is a little weird but you’ll soon get used to it and after a period of time, you’ll find you actually grow to like them.

So use this time wisely and don’t rush in and buy the first pair you try. Check out as many frames at as many stores as you can and perhaps, even get a friend to take pictures of you using your phone to see how you look. Then take those shots home and decide for yourself what style you feel comfortable with and then you have a clear idea of what lens strength you need, what shape of frame you prefer and now all that’s left to do, is buy the best value pair you can find. And that’s where the web comes in…

3. Get online
The internet is filled with some great stores that specialise in nothing but cheap reading glasses. So if you thought going to the mall was the best and only option, then think again! Now that you know the exact type of frame shape and style you want, the online stores now give you a much, much wider range to choose from within your preferred criteria. And to top it off, the prices should be better too. So where you could have purchased a single pair at the mall, by going online, you could probably pick up two or three pairs for the same money.

To find some of the best internet stores, simply go online and type in some typical searches like “good quality affordable reading glasses” and you’ll be presented with at least two to three pages of great search results. So have some fun out there and use this as an opportunity to create a new look and a new you. This is not a make or break situation, this is a makeover. So stay positive and follow the three simple steps above and you’ll be seeing everything as crystal clear as you used to in no time at all!