Choosing the right SEO firm in Kent

If you need to reach local, then think local!

There’s a huge misunderstanding of the importance of Google local search to many businesses across the world. To most, the promised land of search prominence still resides in top rankings in the organic search results even though local results clearly dominates the upper echelons of the Google search results pages above the fold. So why do so many businesses, small and large overlook this incredibly powerful resource?

Its simply down to a lack of understanding of user trends. 2015 was the year that mobile search officially overtook desktop search and with that, there was also a major swing towards longer-tail voice prompted search queries. The biggest problem with many business owners is they get stuck in their ways, almost determined to live in the past and believe that the world doesn’t change. It’s a typically old fashioned dogmatic business angle that infects many CEOs.

The internet has moved the goal posts and with that, user habits and technology moved and changed quickly. Nothing truer can be said for search and user trends.

These days, phones and tablets utilise local data based on your physical location. If someone needs a plumber, a car mechanic or a convenience store, chances are you want one that’s as close to you as possible. In the age of convenience, Google understands this and with that, knows the best and most useful set of results a Google user could want are locally based and in close proximity. At the end of the day, if users do not have a good experience using Google, they’ll use another search engine so UX is the crux of the matter.

Mobile devices, especially phones have smaller screens that are the fraction of the size of a desktop PC or Mac. So getting usable, legible information onto a screen that size is a much harder challenge. Dumping 10 search results into a area no bigger than a few inches wide or deep is no good. So Google understood that the best way to deliver great search results is to pick the three most relevant ones, that are local to the user and return those as the top queries. So guess what? Google local search is seriously powerful and influential.

Research shows that the most clicked links now reside within Google’s local search results. So if you weren’t convinced of the power and influence of Google’s local pack before, surely you must be now. So by having this new knowledge in your marketing arsenal, what’s the best way to get found locally within your town or city? Simple.

Speak to a local search expert who understands your local area, business trade and competition. It’s pointless talking to a company that is based miles away from you and has no true understanding of your local market, your customers or your competition. Every city is different in the sense that the local population will have differing consumer trends, educational levels, income brackets and industrial outputs. A local search firm will know these key factors already and thus, can devise an informed and well-versed search strategy that will suit your needs and better still, be more affordable than using a larger SEO agency.

The world is truly going local again so if you need the help of an SEO firm Kent, your best bet is to stay local. You’ll be supporting local business and with it, be enhancing your reputation amongst the local community which will in turn, help you to gain new clients and attain an overall positive corporate image.